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Car Suspension for excellent road holding

Vogtland Fahrwerkstechnik im Online-Shop der Swiss Tuning AG

We're delighted that you're interested in suspension technology and have found your way to the Swiss Tuning AG online shop

Did you know that we unite the best-known brands and manufacturers under one roof?

We - Swiss Tuning AG - are the official general importer of VOGTLAND suspension technology and official importer and trading partner of MTS, LOWTEC, FK AK, TuningArt, DTS, JOM, Supersport and distributor of the KW, ST, ap & H&R suspension programme. The product range includes electronic lowering by means of a module, height- and hardness-adjustable coilovers, sports suspensions and sports springs.

The declaration of suitability, i.e. CH-Approval papwerwork, for a maximum lowering of 40mm is included in the stated price and is issued if the manufacturer has the corresponding TÜV documents for the purchased product (see the product description). In contrast to exhaust systems, suspension technology (springs, sports suspensions, coilover suspensions, coilover springs) must be registered in the vehicle licence.

Our experts will be happy to answer any questions you may have on the subject of suspension technology, lowering, expert reports, approval and declaration of suitability on 052 203 24 44.

In addition to Vogtland and H&R Fahrwerkstechnik, Swiss Tuning AG also sells products from the following manufacturers as an official trading partner and in most cases with a Swiss declaration of suitability:



Advantages of lowering

Lowering the vehicle by means of sports springs, a complete sports suspension or coilover suspension lowers the vehicle's centre of gravity. Combined with a wider track using spacer discs or wheel spacer plates, the centrifugal forces in bends can be better supported. The reduction in the wheel load difference also enables higher cornering speeds. In general, the vehicle is firmer and harder due to the lowering of the centre of gravity, regardless of whether with springs or an entire chassis. As already mentioned, the shorter spring travel means that bends can be taken at higher speeds, as the vehicle literally sticks to the road.

Sports springs are generally the perfect solution if you want to optimise the handling of the vehicle and achieve a sportier look. Sports suspensions basically consist of a combination of shock absorbers and springs that are already harmonised at the factory. Thanks to coordinated components, sports suspensions improve the handling of the vehicle and, in addition to lowering the vehicle's centre of gravity, also give it a sportier look. In contrast to sports suspensions, coilover suspensions are height-adjustable and, depending on the design and manufacturer, hardness adjustments are also possible.

Lowering modul for eletronic lowering of vehiclesLOWERING MODULE FOR ELECTRONIC LOWERING
Electronic modules are suitable for models and vehicles that have factory-fitted air suspension or are equipped with an ABC suspension system. With the lowering module, you can achieve a lowering of up to 40 mm. This gives you a sporty performance and optimises driving dynamics and safety. The standard suspension adjustment via switch or menu remains fully functional. Quick installation is guaranteed and it is, of course, possible to return the suspension to its standard state. The height of the air suspension can now be customised using the app, which can be installed free of charge.

Coilover Suspension Kits for lowering the tuning car COILOVER SUSPENSION

The coilover suspension offers customised lowering with sporty preset damper characteristics. Only special high-performance 2-tube dampers with a low-gas pressure system and first-class corrosion protection are used in this quality product. In conjunction with the individual housing length matched to your vehicle type, you can fully utilise the available spring travel for your own personal depth setting. And all within the TÜV-approved range. You don't even have to do without the required residual spring travel. The sporty, comfortable set-up enables top road holding and outstanding riding characteristics. As a general importer, Swiss Tuning AG issues a declaration of suitability for a maximum lowering of 40 mm for TÜV-approved suspension components.

Sport Suspension Kit for lowering the car SPORTS SUSPENSIONS

We use our tried-and-tested sports springs with progressive tuning and high-quality sports dampers in all complete suspensions. The pitching movement when braking is greatly reduced and the lateral inclination when cornering is significantly improved. Our tuned sports suspensions provide you with direct feedback on the driving situation and give you the secure feeling of powerful driving dynamics.

You can look forward to excellent road holding, a sporty look and a good deal more dynamism

The damper characteristics and spring rate have been mutually optimised in road tests. Depending on the set-up and lowering, high-quality gas pressure dampers or sports dampers in a low-gas pressure system of single or twin-tube design are used. The directly responding dampers have approx. 10 - 15% harder damping compared to the standard suspension and thus ensure superior handling of your vehicle. Depending on the model variant, the hardness of the shock absorbers can be adjusted when installed or removed.

Special rebound dampers are characterised by their high dynamic response behaviour, even at the limit. The use of these dampers in combination with the corresponding sports springs ensures the necessary spring preload even with extreme lowering of 50-60 mm.

Sport Springs for many cars LOWERING SPRINGS

With sports spring kits - made in Germany - you can upgrade your vehicle: a racy look with maximum driving pleasure. Whether in normal operation with pleasant driving comfort or at the limit with a sporty, progressive set-up. The special driving dynamics are achieved by the innovative spring design.

The shortening of the spring travel requires a special suspension characteristic derived from racing. Most sports springs consist of two different spring rates: an initial rate and a final rate. These characteristic curves, which are specially adapted to your vehicle type and interact with each other, ensure balanced ride comfort and more driving dynamics even with a sporty driving style. Depending on the manufacturer, the lowering ranges from 15 to 90 mm.

Increase agility and driving pleasure and experience your vehicle in a whole new way!

Wedge shape

Why not lower the front axle slightly lower than the rear axle? You will be amazed at how the particularly dynamic wedge shape transforms your vehicle into a visual power package. That's pure power! Spring kits with only two springs for the front axle. Good looks and good value!

Heigh Adjustable coil springs from KW, ST & LowtecHEIGHT-ADJUSTABLE COIL SPRINGS

Coil springs are used to lower the vehicle in combination with the standard dampers. In contrast to conventional spring sets, individual height adjustment is possible within the tested adjustment range. The standard damper system, for example with electronic or hydraulic control, remains active.

Stepless lowering

Similar to a coilover suspension, the coilover springs enable stepless lowering within a discreet range. This is not possible with conventional lowering springs. The dust protection elements and spring travel limiters included in the scope of delivery are always adapted to the greatest possible lowering. This means that the height-adjustable springs can be used to achieve a sporty, harmonious driving behaviour without compromising the driving dynamics of performance-oriented vehicles.