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Top » Sport Exhausts & Cat Backs at Swiss Tuning AG
Sport Exhausts & Cat Backs at Swiss Tuning AG

Swiss Tuning AG Abgasanlagen mit Eignungserklärung

We're glad to see that you are interested in exhaust systems and you have found the way to the online shop of Swiss Tuning AG.

Did you know that we combine practically all known brands and manufacturers under one roof?


Swiss Tuning AG Abgasanlagen Duplex im # 1 Online Shop

In our online shop, not only can you find exhaust systems from German manufacturers Friedrich Motorsport, HG- Motorsport with their lines Bull-X and Ego-X, Fox, Novus, Eisenmann Exhaust, Bastuck, NAP, JF Unlimited, Lightweight, DD Customs, BiPolar, Grail, but also the Austrian world market leader REMUS and the world-renowned manufacturers from England Milltek or Millteksport and Scorpion. From our Italian neighbours we stock the Ragazzon and Supersprint brands. Akrapovic from Slovenia, the range from BMW M performance must also not be missed.

Currently you will find more than 16'000 articles in the categories of rear silencer, pre & middle silencer, pre and middle silencer dummies/replacement pipes, so-called Cat Backs, catless downpipes, downpipes with sports catalysts, flap exhaust systems, duplex systems etc.

Our offer is expanded almost daily and product innovations are generally "put on display" for our customers online within just a few hours after the manufacturer has announced them. If you don't find an exhaust system for your vehicle or you are unsure with regard to approval or compatibility, contact us. We will gladly advise you.

Suitability declaration | Expert opinion (CH-Approval Paperwork)

In Switzerland, the road traffic authority demands a so-called suitability declaration for the legal changes of the vehicle by an exhaust system. If it is mentioned in the relevant product description that a suitability declaration is included or provided, you can assume that the exhaust system is legal. This in turn means that the suitability declaration is delivered free once the exhaust system has been delivered.

Important to know: In contrast for example to suspension technology, such as sports springs, chassis parts or also wheel spacers, the exhaust system does not need to be "demonstrated" for inscription into the vehicle paper registration card. Here it is sufficient to carry the suitability declaration issued by us.

And we as the importer and trading partners of the exhaust system manufacturers have the power to issue a suitability declaration if the so-called EC or ECE approval is available. If only a parts (Teile-) or TÜV approval exists for the exhaust system, we are not allowed to issue the suitability declaration.

Only for BMW M performance exhaust systems Swiss Tuning AG does not deliver a declaration of suitability. This is because the BMW M Performance silencer systems have a European/Swiss approval as an independent technical unit according to R51/R59. If the road traffic office requires a corresponding confirmation, this can be requested directly from BMW.

Swiss Tuning AG RS6 AUDI Milltek Abgasanlage

Overview of the exhaust systems we sell

DD Customs

Friedrich Motorsport | Street Beast
HG-Motorsport | Bull-X | Ego-X

BMW M Performance
HJS Sportkatalysatoren




According to the law, a legal exhaust system must not be louder, with consideration of a tolerance value, than the exhaust system installed at the factory. For cost and convenience reasons the original exhaust systems are produced by the manufacturer in relatively small diameters and as chamber silencers.

Swiss Tuning AG mit Scorpion Sport Auspuff

Sports exhaust systems are often produced in larger diameters provided the transmission tunnel allows. Based to the absorption principle, in the case of HG Motorsport systems for example, and the exhaust gas back pressure, the acoustics of the system can be changed. This creates a new sound image which can be referred to as sonorous and dull.

In addition to changing the sound image, a sports exhaust system has a further advantage: Power increase. Many manufacturers provide a before and after diagram for illustrating the measured power increase produced by the exhaust system with a larger diameter.

Example performance increase Remus, Akrapovic and Bastuck

The Remus exhaust system for the Seat Leon 5F ST Cupra achieves an increase of about 5HP (new 300.8HP compared with previous 295.3HP) and an increase in the torque from 392.9Nm to new 401.8Nm. For the diagram please click here. For the product details please click here.

The Akrapovic exhaust system for the Audi RS7 increases the power by 7kW (at 5950 rpm) and improves torque by 15.4Nm. Another advantage is the weight reduction of 8.1Kg compared to the standard exhaust system. For the product details please click here.

Bastuck has developed a duplex system for the new Toyota Supra model which increases power by 15.09HP and torque by 33.5Nm. For the diagram please click here and for the sound file click here. For the product details please click here.

For general questions on the subject of exhaust systems, expert opinions, approvals, suitability declarations, end pipe variants our motivated Swiss Tuning team is available at 052 203 24 44

Swiss Tuning AG Porsche Duplex Supersprint

Impressions before / after

Mercedes C-Class AMG package, equipped with new diffuser in C63 look and duplex sports final silencer with CH suitability declaration

VW Golf 5, equipped with new R32 look diffuser and central Novus Duplex sports final silencer with CH suitability declaration

VW Golf 5 GTI Novus Duplex VorherVW GOLF 5 GTI R32 Look Novus Duplex Auspuff Nacher

BMW F10 Limousine, equipped with new duplex diffuser and Remus duplex sports final silencer in M5 look, with CH suitability declaration

BMW F10 5er Limousine M-Paket vorher Remus AuspuffBMW F10 5er Limousine Duplex Remus Sportauspuff

BMW M3 Coupe (E92) with a new duplex sports final silencer, produced in light titanium, including CH suitability declaration

M3 E92 Coupe mit Titan Duplex Sportauspuff SystemBMW M3 Coupe E92 Titan Duplex Sportauspuff System

BMW F30 Limousine, equipped with new duplex M Performance look diffuser & duplex final silencer from the manufacturer Bastuck, with CH suitability declaration