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Vogtland Sport Suspension - Made in Germany



VOGTLAND is an international Spring Manufacturer. With over 110 years of experience, you can trust VOGTLAND Sport Suspension to handle your vehicles most demanding performance needs. From the street to the track you can find a VOGTLAND Suspension product to suit your desire. We pride ourselves on quality, with 100% all spring manufacturing in Germany, you can rest assured no corner has been cut. Every spring is Designed to Perform under the most demanding conditions.


VOGTLAND’s Electronic Module utilizes the vehicles air suspension or ABC active suspension to allow for additional chassis tuning.

With the module VOGTLAND provides electronic chassis tuning for vehicles that are factory-equipped with air suspension or with ABC active suspension system. With the VOGTLAND lowering module you achieve a lowering by up to 40 mm. This will provide a sporty performance and driving dynamics as well as an optimization of driving safety.

The standard adjustment option via switch or menu remains fully functional. A quick installation is ensured with a simple disassembly to the original condition is of course possible.

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Force Adjustable/ Height Adjustable Coil Over Kits allow you to adjust your setup to perform on the track as well as an excellent and comfortable ride on the street.

VOGTLAND’s damping and height adjustable coil over kits redefine high performance suspension

Through the utilization of fully threaded bodies and a twin tube damper to control the custom increased spring rates, the sprung and unsprung mass of the vehicle is properly controlled to provide greater drivability and confidence when behind the wheel.

With the rebound adjust capability it allows the driver to fine tune the suspension for the track or street while maintaining drivability and comfort.
All coil over kits are equipped with specifically designed VOGTLAND manufactured high quality springs.

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The VOGTLAND sport suspension kit is a complete solution for your car’s suspension requirements. The sport suspension kit uses our trusted sport springs and the best shock absorbers to provide an answer for all your vehicle’s suspension shortcomings. By increasing driver feedback, reducing brake dive and body roll, and decreasing vehicle ride height.

The VOGTLAND sports suspension kit improves the look of your vehicle and adds stability to increase your confidence when behind the wheel.

The damper characteristic and spring rates were optimized to function as a package. The shocks are either high or low pressure gas and are selected for each individual application, typically providing a 10 -15% increase in force.

In addition to the standard suspension kit, damping adjust shocks are available so the enthusiast can tailor how they want the vehicle to perform. The adjustable dampers provide a force increase up to 100% and are combined with our more aggressive spring packages.

Depending on the vehicle model the damping force can be adjusted in the installed position or may require removal. Due to extensive research and testing, VOGTLAND has engineered sport suspension kits which are optimally tuned for the dynamics of each vehicle.

Specifically selected shock absorbers provide an increase in damping stiffness, when combined with our performance lowering springs, provide a complete suspension solution.

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Vogtland Performance Lowering Springs are manufactured in Germany designed to improve the ride quality and performance of your car!

VOGTLAND compound Spring Rate
Designed to perform and improving the appearance VOGTLAND’s Sport Lowering Springs are state of the art. The compound spring rate allows for a comfortable sporty ride under normal driving conditions and then maximum performance when being pushed to the limit.

Want that wedge drop?
Derived from racing, the VOGTLAND springs offer linear and progressive spring rates calibrated specifically for each specific car model. With these custom designs you can rest assured that you will have balance between performance and comfort. You will visually and physically experience your car in a whole new way.