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Top » Official Lowtec Suspension Distributor
Official Lowtec Suspension Distributor


Lowtec - Experience and competence for more than 30 years

We are official Partner and Distributor of Lowtec Suspension. Here at Swiss Tuning Store you find more than 16'000 different Lowtec products, from sport lowering springs to coilover suspension kits.

> Exclusiv HiLOW – The Individual Coilover!

These are the major advantages of the LOWTEC HiLOW system compared to conventional coilovers:

  • large selection of series in steel, stainless steel, with force adjustability, each also as MEGALOW type; with special coil springs or air springs („AIRROC“)
  • adjustment DYNAMIC, STREET, RACE and MOTORSPORT selectable to adapt to your individual driving style
  • innovative, stepless and multiple effective strut adjustment system
  • unrivaled wide range of adjustment from heightening to extremely lowering
  • dynamic performance with individually adaptable stroke travel
  • constant spring travel - at any lowering
  • easier adjustment by eliminating helper springs
  • self-developed, TÜV-tested modular system
  • alterable and upgradeable in other HiLOW series/adjustment
  • race proven technology in premium quality at a fair price
  • Engineered & Made by LOWTEC

> Innovativ
With the HiLOW coilovers LOWTEC has revolutionized the sport suspension market. All HiLOW series combine great race technique with premium products at a fair price.

The dynamic performance of the HiLOW system is unique. Depending on the different tuned series it will offer racing feeling or a sporty rest comfort. With the HiLOW coilover race technique is roadworthy!

> Decisively Different
In conventional coilovers the height of the vehicle can only be set with the lower spring plate and usually only in conjunction with a helper spring. With the innovative HiLOW adjustment system the vehicle height will be changed at the lower bracket. This has several advantages: Adjusting the height is greatly facilitated free of any spring pressure and helper springs can be dispensed with.

The preload and thus the spring travel can be changed separately according to individual needs. Depending on the preload the spring travel and the progressivity of the suspension can be reduced or enlarged controlled in functional conjunction with the special bump stops as an additional spring element.

The stepless height adjustment offers an unrivaled wide adjustment range for an individual vehicle appearance from heightening to extremely lowering.

> Driving Pleasure
Dynamic performance brings the adjustable and constant spring travel independently of the vehicle height. Since spring preload and spring travel are not affected during the height adjustment, the spring-damping characteristic remains always in the best effective range, no matter how high or low the vehicle is driven. The precise tuning of the shortened stroke with the spring system optimizes the riding characteristics in addition.

> Detail & Design
The TÜV-certified and completely self-developed module system is demountable in every detail and also interchangeable and upgradeable in every series. Elaborate workmanship, stable surface protection and anodized aluminum components give the HiLOW coilovers an attractive and high quality look.

> Style & Performance
Whether threaded dampers of steel, stainless steel or with hardness adjustment, all models are equipped with the sporty twin tube gas pressure technology. And the interior, equipped only with top materials, fulfill maximum requirements, such as the latest piston technology with durable Teflon bearing surface, high temperature oil for stable working performance, hard chrome plated piston rods with optimized surface quality for best protection against external influences.

All the LOWTEC dampers are not only equipped with a limitation of the upward stroke (rebound), but with real piston rod shortening. Even in extreme lowering this ensure for spring preload and prevent the destructive touch of the piston rod on the bottom valve.

Just like the rebound and compression force of the extremely stable special shock absorbers, the respective spring rates of the special springs are adapted to the different tuned series perfectly.

The special springs are manufactured exclusively in Germany/Western Europe and are optimised by complex manufacturing processes. This top quality is standard for each HiLOW kit! Each coilover is built up in house by trained LOWTEC personnel in selected quality for maximum value and is subject to comprehensive quality control. This all results in reliable and durable suspension systems without compromise.

> LOWTEC Coil+Spring-Kit
If the electronic original damper system is to be retain on vehicles, the LOWTEC spring kit with threaded sleeves is the optimum solution for individual lowering.

The special springs are matched to the strongest adjusting of the original dampers. So the performance is comparable to the original sport suspension at the sportiest setting. Threaded sleeves are adapted to the top of the original shock absorbers. In conjunction with the attached LOWTEC spring cup the height of the car is individually stepless adjustable.

> HiLOW and AIRROC Series in Comparison
Subject to change

DETAIL Coilover HiLOW 2 D/S/R/M HiLOW 3 S/R/M HiLOW 4 D/S/R/M
Damper standard twin tube, gas-oil, fixed damper adjusting premium twin tube, gas-oil, fixed damper adjusting twin tube, gas-oil, force adjustable -  Made by LOWTEC/Germany
Springs special springs Made in Germany/Western Europe (coil springs resp. air springs)
Adjustment of damper and spring (coil spring system) STREET DYNAMIC
Adjustment of damper and spring (air spring system) ./. ./. STREET


Threaded Unit Ssteel with Ni-/Zn-/Cr-coating, resp. anodised aluminiumm stainless steel, resp. anodized aluminium
Bracket special anti-corrosion priming coat and extremely durable KTL-black protective layer „Made in Germany“
Aluminium Parts colour anodising
Additional Parts PU damping bump stop, special dust cover
Stabiliser Tie Rod Included (where necessary)
Accesssory pin wrench, hook wrench pin wrench, hook wrench, protection spray
Height Adjustment Threaded, stepless height adjustment in front and rear (except vehicle technically conditioned exceptions)
Specials enhanced camber adjustment (partially custom made), individual components and different lowerings can be realized in short term
> NEW: HiLOW 4 – With Adjustable Damping Force
The very large and well definable adjusting range of the HiLOW 4 damper is unique and of great benefit. This set the individual configuration and effective suspension adjustments almost no limits.

With the selectable types of springs DYNAMIC, STREET, RACE and MOTORSPORT the vehicle can be tuned in everyones particular driving style and needs by choosing the best matching adjustment of the dampers, which adjusting range is from 100 to 300 resp. 400 N/mm in the rebound force, while the corresponding adapted compression force changes only on a small range.

All versions can be realized with one type of shock absorber, so that, if required, a significant modification of the suspension chassis and thus another intended use can be realized only with the replacement of the spring. The HiLOW 4 damper are engineered by LOWTEC and they are all handmade in house.

> Suspension Hardness in Comparison
Here is an overview of different suspension adjustments, based on various configurations in an average car:

Type of Suspension Spring Damper
Original standard suspension 20 70
LOWTEC Sport suspension 30 110
LOWTEC Coilover DYNAMIC 40 130
LOWTEC Coilover STREET 50 160
LOWTEC Coilover RACE 60 190
LOWTEC Coilover MOTORSPORT (street use) 80> 200>
COMP Coilover 50 160

Rates in N/mm.
For light or heavy vehicles different values apply.

> MaxLow
Already the TÜV-approved lowering values allow very low settings. Often it is possible to get much more lowering away of the tested range. The description "MaxLow" shows the technically/theoretically possible lowering out of the tested range.

> MegaLow
With the MEGALOW special version the HiLOW system also provides the possibility to achieve extreme lowering, whether for racing or show area or in the public road traffic.

> Helper Springs
The only purpose of helper springs is to keep the main spring under preload in the range between minimum and maximum lowering. When the lower spring seat is fully turned down at maximum lowering, the helper spring is under minimum pressure. At a higher setting of the suspension the pressure of common helper springs increases each 10 mm for at least 20 kg. When the spring is fully under pressure (‚blocked‘), 140 kg or more can weigh on the adjusting cup.

This makes adjustment much more difficult. Helper springs with a rate of about 20 Nm/mm, as they are commonly used, do not influence the driving quality, since they are no longer effective.
Due to the basic weight of the vehicle, each spring of the front axle is loaded with at least 250 kg. Due to the blocking of the 20 Nm helper spring, which is already at approximately 140 kg, only the main spring will affect the suspension. As the LOWTEC HiLOW coilover kits do not need any helper springs, adjustment is easily possible without any pressure on the spring