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Top » IOPedal - Tuning for your accelerator
IOPedal - Tuning for your accelerator

IOPEDAL at Swiss Tuning Shop - We're official partner of IO Tuning

The IOPEDAL gives your vehicle a new character and optimises the engine's response and reaction time. The innovative wireless control concept gives you the ultimate freedom in controlling your throttle tuning.

Download Installation Manual (PDF)

Features at a glance

IOPEDAL Features at a glance

Function Wireless Remote Controller

Fuction Wireless Remote Controller IOPEDAL


You manage your IOPEDAL with the control unit without losing sight of the essentials. In addition to the currently selected driving program, you have a direct view of all other statuses. The battery LED shows you the state of charge and the connection display shows the connection to the ECU.

You can use the left and right buttons to switch through the different driving programs. With the mode button you switch to the adjust mode of the respective program. There you have the option of adapting each driving program to your needs in 5 further stages. The selected setting is always signaled to you via the RGB-LEDs.

The control unit can be flexibly attached to the cockpit using the holder supplied and the mounting pads.


With these 4 different driving modes, you can adjust your vehicle to any situation at any time.

IOPEDAL drivingModes FahrmoditrafficMode (click here for graphic)

  • Unfamiliar terrain and too much traffic? This mode lets you take it easy. Your gas pedal reacts less sensitively - especially when starting off. Your stress level will thank you.

ecoMode (click here for graphic)

  • There are a few tricks you can use to save fuel and money when driving. This driving program supports you in reducing the average fuel consumption of the car if certain rules of economical driving are observed.

sportMode (click here for graphic)

  • This driving program gives your vehicle a sportier character. Your car reacts with a significantly better response and a straighter acceleration. The response time of the engine is significantly improved.

extremeMode (click here for graphic)

  • If you are not yet satisfied with the sports program and you like to push yourself to the limit, then give it a try.


IOPEDAL Auto-Ranging-Funktion Explosion

The IOPEDAL control unit has an intelligent calibration function. Immediately after installing the IOPEDAL, all the necessary information from your gas pedal is automatically analyzed and processed into an optimized individual map. As a result, the individual driving modes (driving programs) are automatically adapted to the properties of the accelerator pedal. With this revolutionary technology, all the potential of your vehicle is determined and exploited.

In addition to the auto-ranging function, the IOPEDAL has a number of other interesting functions and setting options, e.g.:

  • Warm-Up-Timer

  • Flavor Select