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HJS Downpipes and Sport Catalytic Converters

HJS Sportkatalysatoren im Online-Shop der Swiss Tuning AG


Catalysts and Downpipes - HJS Motorsport and Tuning


HJS has been engaged since 1990 in the development and production of HJS catalysts and exhaust systems for motorsport and is the worlds leading manufacturer. Based on the experience it has accumulated in motorsport, HJS has for over 20 years now also produced tuning catalysts for road-going vehicles. HJS’s range of tuning products extends from downpipes with ECE R103 approval to ECE weld-in catalytic converters to universal catalysts

The vehicle-specific catalytic converters made of stainless steel can be combined with production as well as tuning exhaust systems from various manufacturers. The 200 cpsi tuning catalysts developed by HJS significantly improve the power delivery of the vehicles (up to 15 hp more power) and significantly improve the sound.

HJS wendet f√ľr die Produktion des Aufbaus dieser Hochleistungskatalysatoren drei unterschiedliche Designs an. W√§hrend die Serien-Katalysatoren vornehmlich eine Keramikwaben-Struktur aufweisen, handelt es sich bei der Struktur von HJS Tuning Katalysatoren um Metalltr√§ger und im Aufbau - wie erw√§hnt - um HF, HD oder TS-Design.

Foil structure Tuning Catalysts

HF-Design | HD-Design | TS-Design

  • HF-Design: double foil winding, two winding centers, high durability and strength
  • HD-Design: tripple foil winding, three winding centers, high durability and strength
  • TS-Design: double foil winding, two winding centers, turbolence generating profiles, optimized efficiency, high durability and strength, HJS tuning catalyst from EURO 5 on

Der Washcoatanteil ist bei HJS ECE und EOBD Katalysatoren deutlich h√∂her und zeichnet sich durch eine sehr hohe Sauerstoffspeicherf√§higkeit aus, wodurch Fehlermeldungen vermieden werden k√∂nnen. Die EOBD Kats sind f√ľr dieses Thema bis Euro 4 getestet. Selbstverst√§ndlich ist die Haltbarkeit und der Einsatz bis zur Euro 6 Abgasnorm gegeben.

Suitability declaration | Expert opinion (CH-Approval Paperwork)

In Switzerland, the road traffic authority demands a so-called suitability declaration for the legal changes of the vehicle by an exhaust system or its components. If it is mentioned in the relevant product description that a suitability declaration is included or provided, you can assume that the exhaust system is legal. This in turn means that the suitability declaration is delivered free once the exhaust system has been delivered.

Important to know: In contrast for example to suspension technology, such as sports springs, chassis parts or also wheel spacers, the exhaust system does not need to be "demonstrated" for inscription into the vehicle paper registration card. Here it is sufficient to carry the suitability declaration issued by us.

And we as the importer and trading partners of the exhaust system manufacturers have the power to issue a suitability declaration if the so-called EC or ECE approval is available. If only a parts (Teile-) or T√úV approval exists for the exhaust system, we are not allowed to issue the suitability declaration.

HJS Advantages of ECE Tuning Downpipes

  • Euro 4/5/6 Approval
  • up to 12kW more power
  • up to 1db more sound
  • EOBD tested
  • 200 cpsi
  • stainless steel catalyst
  • optimised gas flow
  • HD-Design / HF-Design / TS-Design
  • Faster spool up and better throttle response
  • Increasing the life of the turbos
  • Adds a very nice tone to the exhaust

Less Backpressure, more Power

The diagram shows the result of an exhaust back pressure comparison measurement between a 400 cell original catalyst and a 200 cell HJS tuning catalyst. Test vehicle was a Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X with a 1998 cm3 turbocharged engine with 295 HP and Euro 4 emission standard. By reducing the number of cells and the catalysts size while optimizing gas flow, a 60% reduction in exhaust back pressure compared to the original part could be achieved. The turbocharger performance could be improved by 8HP and 12Nm torque



Installation Instructions for HJS Sport Catalysts